The Education

It’s Not Always WHO You Know But WHAT You Know

The best way to be able to keep doing what you like to do best after high school is to start building the skills you need to make your dreams a reality.  The high school and college classes listed below can give you a jump-start on crafting invaluable career skills.

Core Courses (like English, Math, Science, and History)

Business Courses (like Introduction to Business, Accounting, Marketing, Economics and Business Law)

Communications Courses (like Public Speaking, Creative Writing and Marketing)

Computer Courses (using software like Microsoft Office to hone your skills with spreadsheets, word processing, presentations, and database creation)

Every college or university will have their own requirements for an accounting degree.  The following is a list of courses which are most often required by the colleges and universities that will prepare you to sit for the CPA exam.

10 Accounting
2  English
2 Math
2 History
2 Science
4 Electives

 Visit with your guidance counselors and teachers to get direction on what your particular school can offer to help you get ahead of the game early on. Preparation is the key!

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