Accounting Career Education (ACE) Program

Accounting is a hot college major and an even hotter career. The Accounting Career Education (ACE) program provides Texas students with information about the bright future they can have when they pursue a career in accounting.

Through this program, TXCPA members have visited thousands of Texas junior high, high school and college students statewide and opened their eyes to the possibilities of a career in accounting.

TXCPA volunteer members travel to schools across the state, delivering presentations to students, hosting workshops and seminars for teachers and counselors, and providing speakers to university and college business and accounting programs. TXCPA members also speak to students and answer questions about being a CPA. Most importantly, the ACE program offers students and teachers valuable information on what they should expect after high school and college as they enter the job market.

CPAs also can discuss personal finance topics with Texas students. Whether it’s how to pay for a new car or a college education, reading a paycheck or the dangers of credit cards, CPAs can teach students the sound money management principles they need to know.

Request a CPA guest speaker and complimentary classroom materials.