Why Accounting?

V. Aishwarya Singh

A skilled accountant per fiscal year, keeps all frauds and losses away!

Our economy is constantly changing. Research and technological advancements have opened up thousands of luring opportunities for employment: there are new luxuries in the market every day; there are new fields of engineering, medicine, and bio chemistry widening new possibilities for young newly graduated students; there are plans to go to Mars; and there are ideas as crazy as being over ruled by robots! Now, in the midst of all this sci-fi utopia, why would a person want to be an accountant? With the same stereotypical age-old work that’s been done for centuries? Well, among the several reasons, the thrill of accounting, the everlasting demand, the ease of changing work place, and the importance given to an accountant is why.

The thrill of accounting

Ever ask an accountant how their typical day passes, and the immediate and honest reply one gets is that no day is the same for an accountant? Each new sun brings with it new challenges and new accounting balances. The chill an accountant feels when the credits don’t equal debits, or the thrill of closing the trial balance with an accuracy to the last decimal is unparalleled to any other profession.

The responsibilities of an accountant are not just limited to his/her desk and computer, but rather for the company’s proper financial regulation; tax payments; accurate, reliable, and faithful representation of financial records; and auditing and advising how to improve profits. An accountant is seen as a highly responsible and ethical professional because he/she is the first one to question if a fraud is detected.

The everlasting demand

During recessions, when the whole economy faces unemployment, the companies are tempted to lay off employees, however, the company would certainly want to increase their financial controls in order to improve their financial situation. This would lead to the employment of more accountants because the company ‘needs’ someone to bring back their financial position to a stable level that operates efficiently.

Not only can accountants excel in their positions, but also advance in several other certifications that add value to their personal brand, and enable them to take up senior positions globally. Certifications and memberships from AICPA, CGMA, and ACCA recognize the expertise and boost the accountant’s professional value.

Accounting is one field that would persist forever, until of course accountants get replaced by robots. In which case the demand would decline, but still won’t perish because of the fact that accountancy is a skill. No matter how advanced the technology gets, there will always be the need of an accountant, at the least, to program and teach necessary skills to the robots.

The ease of changing work place

Yes, it is true that accountants spend a majority of their time commuting to their client’s place, but it is also true that accountants have the liberty to choose the industry they want to work for. They enjoy a leeway in choosing whether to work at a for or not-for profit company, at a restaurant, major league team, fashion, or technology industry.

Be whatever the industry, every industry ‘needs’ a financial division with at least one accountant, giving accountants a privilege over their other major counterparts who are limited to one specialized industry. Furthermore, accounting, being the language of business, makes it easier for the accountant to understand the company processes through financial reports and learn what decisions should be taken and how financial risks could be mitigated, giving the accountant better chances of entrepreneurial success while changing jobs.

Importance given to an accountant

An accountant is always portrayed as a very respectable, ethical, clever, and responsible professional. The reason being that an accountant carries the load of honest financial representation on his/her shoulders. Money, being the backbone of any business, needs proper controls and management which are fulfilled by the accountant, making an accountant one of the most important people in a company.

About txcpa2b

The Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants (TSCPA) is a nonprofit, voluntary, professional organization representing Texas CPAs. TSCPA has 20 local chapters statewide and has 27,000 members. The Society is committed to serving the public interest with programs that advance the highest standards of ethics and practice within the CPA profession. TXCPA2B is a blog written by Texas students in pursuit of the CPA certificate. The views expressed here are those of the authors and not necessarily held by TSCPA or our members.
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