10-Key vs. a Normal Calculator

Blogger: Malicka Modgil

Blogger: Malicka Modgil

A calculator is one of an accountant’s most useless or valuable tools. I say useless because Microsoft Excel can do all of the functions that the most high-tech calculators can do. However, we rarely take out our laptops and open Excel whenever we have to do quick calculations. It is easier to take out a handy calculator. For me, my 10-key is my lifeline.

During an audit internship, my firm issued all of us the standard work laptop, dual monitor, USB mouse, and a USB 10-key. I quickly learned that this 10-key would become my best friend. Data entry was a breeze, because I could efficiently enter numbers in half the time. On the other hand, the multiple wires were very irritating, so I went on Amazon and bought a wireless 10-key. I splurged and bought the 10-key that has a dual mode; it can connect to your computer as part of your keyboard, and can be a calculator on its own. Because I used this 10-key multiple times a day, I was able to memorize where the keys were and never needed to look at it.

This made everything so much easier! Data entry, homework, calculating a tip at a restaurant; all could be done in half the time. (Yes – I am an aspiring accountant who still uses a calculator to calculate tip.) It has come to the point that I prefer my 10-key over any other calculator. After finishing all my required calculus and finance classes, there really isn’t much use for all the functions on a scientific or financial calculator. With a normal calculator, you can’t effortlessly type the keys without looking.

It’s refreshing to realize how a small item, like a calculator, is such an important thing in your life. Since I’ve gotten so used to it and use it daily, I don’t know what I would do without my handy 10-key.

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