Starting College Off Right


Blogger: Kenny Nguyen

The shift from high school to college can be a terrifying experience. You are granted with more independence than you can handle and have no idea what you’re doing. What should you do? The best advice I have for freshmen is to get out of your comfort zone and be open-minded. College is a time where you truly discover yourself and what you are passionate about. You are no longer confined to your parent’s way of thinking and can truly find who you are. Below are some of the tips I have for current and incoming freshmen who want to succeed in college.

Be Active and Get Involved

I can’t stress how important this is for freshmen. Joining organizations on campus not only shows potential employers that you are involved on campus, but it also provides an opportunity for you to develop valuable skills. You learn to work with a group of people who you may or may not always agree with. You learn how to manage your time through balancing school work and your organization. Most importantly though, you may develop a passion that you did not know you had.

You Will Fail

One of the most common fears among freshmen is failing. The best way to overcome this fear is to know that it will happen. Failing in college is inevitable, whether that is failing a quiz, test, getting denied for an internship, or getting rejected at a party. Failure in college will only help you in the long run, because it provides you an opportunity to learn from it. So, don’t fear failure – embrace it and use it to grow.

Network, Network, Network

Lastly, as a freshman, you have to start networking. You may not think it is necessary for you to talk to your professors and employers who visit early on, but developing relationships with people you meet is vital, because you never know who’s going to be able to help you in the long run. Don’t just talk to as many people as you can and create superficial relationships, but build individual relationships. It may take more work, but it will pay off in the long run.

Freshman Year in Review

Above all, remember that freshman year is going to be one of the most exciting times in your life. You’ll experience new things, make meaningful relationships, and continue to discover yourself. Though the above tips may not be everything you need to succeed in college, it is a great way to start. Good luck!

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