So now what?

Blogger: Muntaha M. Sheikh

Blogger: Muntaha M. Sheikh

So you’re done with your internship, graduating with your undergraduate degree, signed a full-time offer, and plan on sitting for the CPA exam starting in January. The stars are aligning perfectly. So now what?

You’re currently in graduate school, but surprisingly its pretty lax. I always assumed graduate school sounded “hard,” but that really isn’t the case.  This semester is not as challenging, only because you already know a lot of the information, and it builds. It’s not too bad keeping up with three or four classes, and you’ll have extra time to do other things. It can be very easy to say “yes Netflix, I’m still watching.” After all, that is the go-to and we’ve been students for so long what else are we suppose to do? Maybe take on a part time gig at a local CPA firm, work on an idea you’ve had for quite some time and see what becomes of it, maybe reread the Harry Potter books like Caroline. I myself am a Graduate Teaching Assistant and learning basic coding on the side.

It’s vital to have a routine going. I’m sure you went through something similar when you started college. You have so much free time, what should you do? It’s a good problem to have. But I began thinking about starting work, especially during busy season. The challenge then becomes having way less time for yourself.

What if we used these months to wean off the Netflix and slowly start thinking about the real world (its closer than you think) and how to survive! Busy season is probably the scariest thing out there in the real world. During my internship, the most popular advice from the associates was to have something of your own. Busy season is much more bearable, in their opinion, if you have something to look forward to at the end of the day/week. Nothing big or time consuming, but maybe a hobby or pastime that you can spend a few minutes on. When you start working, this is the way you can get by each week and, before you know it, busy season is almost over! Of course, as you become more established in a company the more flexibility you’ll have, so don’t expect a lot at first – but it’s still just as important to have something of your own that can be a good escape at the end of the day.

What a great eight months. It’s rare you’ll get this much free time in a while once you start working, so use it wisely! I really hope I can take some of my own advice!

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