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FarrisBlogger: Clayton Farris

As my time as a student comes to an end, I do not quite know how to feel. I am excited to be done – :D.  I am eager to start working – >:).  But I am also kind of sad –  :(. I will miss all of my professors and friends that I have developed close relationships with over the past five years. So I would like to use this blog as an opportunity to thank everyone who has helped me through this critical portion of my life. Don’t worry; I will keep it short and sweet.

Shout outs to the following:

My parents

My soon-to-be wife (only 30 more days……holy moly)

The entire Accounting Department at UT Dallas

My fellow TAs

PPA Class 4

So here is a big “WHOOSH” to no more studying, but always learning! Bring on the real world!

About txcpa2b

The Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants (TSCPA) is a nonprofit, voluntary, professional organization representing Texas CPAs. TSCPA has 20 local chapters statewide and has 27,000 members. The Society is committed to serving the public interest with programs that advance the highest standards of ethics and practice within the CPA profession. TXCPA2B is a blog written by Texas students in pursuit of the CPA certificate. The views expressed here are those of the authors and not necessarily held by TSCPA or our members.
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