Efficiency: Carrying All of the Grocery Bags into the House so You Don’t Have to Make Multiple Trips

Blogger:  Diane Henry

Or is it?

Okay, we’ve all done it. I know that I have on multiple (and by that I mean “all”) occasions. It usually starts with me opening my trunk and loading the bag handles up my arms. I am ecstatic when, after the 40 pounds of groceries (or at least it feels like that) are loaded up, the trunk is empty. I clumsily shut my trunk, which is not an easy feat with those bags weighing each arm down, and waddle to the door.

Once I get to the door, I fumble around for my key, which always happens to be in the most difficult place to reach, and unlock and open the door with a shaky hand. Of course I do this without putting any of the groceries down. When I finally make it inside, I basically throw the bags onto the counter and hope that nothing breaks. My arms are so tired and are covered with red indentions left by the bag handles. Success.

You would think that I would be happy with this outcome. All of the groceries have been brought in with only one trip needed. That is what I had set out to do in the beginning. However, the more I think about this, the more I begin to see the insanity of it all. Yes, maybe I saved myself a few steps; but at what expense? I could argue that I spent more energy struggling with those bags than if I had made the second or third trip. I could also argue that I didn’t save any time and certainly did not save any frustration.

I want you, and I’m speaking to myself on this one too, to take away two things from this story. One is that you need to keep your eyes open to the big picture and change your plans if you begin to realize that your original one is possibly not the most effective. And two is that there is no reason to make things harder for yourself if there is no need. The world will do that for you. Let’s face it; I think that the only other people who are affected by my grocery-carrying extravaganza are the neighbors that see me; and even then, my acts probably only provide them with either humor or confusion.


The Newly-Born, Multiple-Trips-from-My-Car-to-the-House Grocery Carrier



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