It’s never too early to start thinking about retirement

Blogger: Jasmine Hernandez

I am not planning to retire anytime soon, and I know this blog title seems really strange for someone just at the beginning of their career.  Truth is I am not really talking about retirement in the normal sense, but what you may like to do later in your career.  I was talking to one of the other TAs not long ago about how being a professor is an interesting possibility for our future careers.  Many of the accounting professors here at UTD are former public accountants and lots of them didn’t plan on being teachers when they first started their careers.

During our conversation he brought up how going into tax can also create other possible options later in your career.  Many former tax accountants from public accounting firms still do some tax work on the side (mostly for individuals) after they have “retired” from public accounting.  Seeing how I always have to defend my choice in picking tax instead of audit, it was really cool that he realized that was a potential benefit of being a tax accountant.

Regardless of if you are interested in tax or audit, many of us who get into public accounting have the kind of personality that enjoys solving new problems and facing new challenges.  Because of this, it isn’t surprising that many people don’t fully retire even when they leave public accounting.  I personally think this is a great benefit of accounting, knowing that just because you decide one day in the distant future you are ready to leave public accounting doesn’t mean you can’t still use all the knowledge and skills you’ve developed in some other way.  None of us really know where we’re going to end up, so it’s nice to know there are still plenty of possibilities.

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