Accounting classes aren’t the only important ones

Blogger:  Tim Ellis

In my college career, I feel that I have taken many useful classes that are paying off for me as I finish up my degree and sit for the CPA exam.  Some of these courses are the required core classes, such as finance and operations management, while others are completely off the business map.

Any college class is going to give you some takeaways, such as time-management skills and the pride of finishing a class.  I have really enjoyed taking classes outside of the business/accounting world, as they give you a chance to take a breather from equations and word problems.  Also, I had a very good experience at the community college where I took all of my core classes.  Subjects such as biology and humanities give you a better worldview, which I feel gives you a better mindset as you move forward in your college studies.

As for the core business classes, I feel that every single one has been very important to my accounting aspirations.  For one, just about all of the business classes you must take may show up in some way or form on the CPA exam.  For another, these subjects teach you concepts that you are expected to know as a business professional.  I cannot honestly say that I have a favorite, but I did enjoy marketing and strategic management.  From a practical standpoint, I think that economics and finance are very important, as a lot of these concepts relate back to capital markets and how to make accounting valuations.  I have to say though that the math classes I took probably went over my head, and I’m not too terribly concerned about having to do any calculus problems by hand during my career.

I suppose that the long and the short of this blog is that non-business classes can be fun and a distraction from your major, while business courses can be difficult but are needed for your career and to obtain your needed degree of certification.  I have been happy taking both kinds during college.

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