Don’t let others make the choice for you

Blogger:  Jasmine Hernandez

When I started the recruiting process I really didn’t know if I wanted to be in tax or audit.  To me tax sounded interesting so that’s what I put as my preference.  Once recruiting got started it seemed like most people thought audit was the obvious choice, and even some of the professors acted like tax was just way too boring.  I got the feeling everyone else was picking audit, and I really didn’t know why they all thought it was so much better than tax.  Before I really had a chance to meet people who worked in tax at the firms, I couldn’t stop wondering if I had made the wrong choice. That changed once I started to meet more tax people.

During recruiting I met so many awesome people in tax and found it really easy to talk to them about why they picked tax over audit.  Most of them mentioned several of the same reasons that I had picked tax for, like the fact they like having a set office to go to every day, how the work requires you to be really self-motivated and solve a lot of problems on your own, and how you are really working for your client and not there to judge them.  Both tax and audit have their own pros and cons, but to me the pros for tax seemed better.

Some of the things I enjoyed most about my internship matched the reasons I chose tax.  It was so nice to be able to come in and know exactly what work I had to do that day.  There were times when it was difficult to balance the work for all the clients I had, but knowing what I had to get done each day made it easy for me to allocate my time.  Working at my own pace was also nice if I wanted to change things up a little from day to day.  I know a lot of my friends who picked audit talked about how they would have to basically follow the schedule of their senior every day, like going to lunch as a group and not necessarily when they wanted.  It sounds silly but being able to decide for myself when to take lunch was a nice way to balance out my workdays.

For me picking tax was definitely the right choice.  I still get teased by some of my friends (and especially the other TA’s who all picked audit), but I enjoy tax.  For some people the pros for audit might be better, and both tax and audit can be really rewarding.  Tax and audit can also both be difficult at times so it is important that you really enjoy the work.  You can’t let other people make you change your mind when you know you are making the right choice for you.

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