Don’t sweat it… there’s still time to decide

Blogger: Jasmine Hernandez

In high school, I played around with the idea of working in the medical field. It just seemed practical. As a junior in high school, I took a course in which I got the chance to shadow a variety of nurses and see what it was like to work in a hospital. I quickly realized that it was not the type of work environment I was looking for (I don’t look good in scrubs). Upon graduating, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do and the thought of making that decision at 18 was overwhelming.

My mom was always convinced I would work in business…and she was very persistent about it. To make her happy (and keep her from pestering me), I declared Business Administration as a major, but decided to keep my options open. My first semester of college, I took some mandatory core classes, along with Psychology and Business and Public Law. Psychology seemed fascinating to me and I figured why not? Business Law sounded like a drag, but it was required of my major.

I LOVED my Business Law class and greatly disliked my Psychology class. From then on, I decided to focus on business. It was very broad, which I didn’t like, but I wasn’t sure what area of business would spark my fancy. My best friend was majoring in accounting and tried convincing me to switch majors. The thought just sounded lame to be honest. Accountants are introverted, numbers-crunching, glasses-wearing nerds right?

It wasn’t until I took my first accounting course that I considered it as a major. First, while everyone in class hated life at the time, I seemed to be one of the few students that both understood the subject and found it interesting. Also, I started learning more about the accounting profession. It’s practical, people-oriented, challenging, fast-paced, competitive, I don’t have to wear scrubs—the advantages are endless.

And so, here I am: BS in Accounting, working on my MS in Accounting. I completed a tax internship and loved it. I will sit for the CPA exam next Spring and I have a full-time position waiting for me when I graduate!

About txcpa2b

The Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants (TSCPA) is a nonprofit, voluntary, professional organization representing Texas CPAs. TSCPA has 20 local chapters statewide and has 27,000 members. The Society is committed to serving the public interest with programs that advance the highest standards of ethics and practice within the CPA profession. TXCPA2B is a blog written by Texas students in pursuit of the CPA certificate. The views expressed here are those of the authors and not necessarily held by TSCPA or our members.
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