What accounting course did you find the most interesting?

Blogger: Tripp Smitham

 Like all accounting majors I have taken a good number of accounting courses that focus on many different disciplines within the field of accounting.  As with any major some classes are very rewarding and full of interesting material, and then there are some that feel more like a fraternity hazing (but let’s save those for a later post).

For me the most interesting class was Cost Management Systems, it was the first course that really dealt with some of the complexities of accounting.  I also have to admit it appealed to my nerdy… I mean analytical… side by diving into some good old fashioned number crunching; come on that’s what accountants do, right?

Now let me make a disclaimer real fast, I completed this course several semesters ago and am not seeking any form of extra credit for speaking favorable about the course.  Also, I am aware many of my friends may question my mental soundness for admitting I enjoyed this course.  That being said it was certainly one of the more rewarding classes I have taken.

Cost Management really showed accounting is the language of business and how the proper use of that language is imperative to a company’s success.  The idea of being able to significantly increase a company’s profit on the income statement by simply using a different accounting method (we’re talking legal methods here) demonstrated how important good accountants are to the success of that company.  The class also changed my opinion of accountants from being record keepers to strategists who really help to direct businesses.

The professor was also a large part of what made the course so interesting.  Like many of the professors here at UT Dallas he had years of career experience.  It is one thing to read a textbook and then work through a made up case of how something should be properly accounted for, but it is another thing to have a professor able to give an example of how they actually handled the issue in the real world.

I will admit that for someone who is entering the field of public accounting saying that a managerial accounting class was my favorite may seem out of place.  However, this just goes to show how many opportunities exist for accountants.  If you asked 10 accounting students what their favorite accounting class was you would probably get 10 different responses.  While there are many different accounting classes there are even more possible careers for accountants.  So for the student out there who’s not sure what to think about your 2301 Intro to Financial Accounting remember there’s a lot more to accounting left for you to discover.

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